“Kasteel Ten Berghe”

“Castle to Brugge”


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On Sunday July 20th after a nine and a half hour flight crossing 7 time zones Michael arrived in Amsterdam at 7:20 AM.  I met him at the airport and we headed back to my room so that he could shower before we left for Belgium. 


Unfortunately due to a flight cancellation the day ended up being all travel but planes, trains and a taxi got us to “Kasteel Ten Berghe” or in English “Castle to Brugge” at around 9 PM. 


The Entrance Gate

The white tent is from a wedding that was held the previous day.

Picture of the castle taken outside the entrance gate at night.


It must have been around 10 PM or later before we walked around the outside taking pictures.  The sun sets very late in all three countries we visited. 

The building on the left of the entrance gate.

The Castle was awesome both inside and out.  There was a courtyard and several buildings other than the Castle itself and the castle had a moat around it.


Kasteel Ten Berghe taken from within the court yard.


Self portrait taken by Linda... 


 Michael on the other side of the moat.


The little chapel off the living room


The fire place in the dining room.


How cool ... a hidden door in the paneling.


Above the paneling is a tapestry that circled the room.


Just some of the beautiful woodwork.



Mike looking up with the camera...
 as Linda was descending  the main staircase.


One of buildings still to be renovated



Michael coming down the main stairs.


The main hallway on the ground floor.


The marble at the top of the stairs.


Painted Portraits everywhere...  

In the rooms...


In the halls...


Even over the doors!


Let's climb a turret!
(Turret on the back left in the picture above.)


Michael was a little bit tall for looking out the turret windows.


These windows make Linda look tall...    View of the courtyard from the window at the top of a turret.

and she's not even standing up straight!

  Time to leave...

all good things must come to and end...

but why?




Kasteel Ten Berghe was a beautiful and fun place to stay!


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While I don't know the history of this family home we took pictures of all the pages in the history book.  Someday I will probably try to figure out some of what it says but since I do not speak and write in Flemish it may take a while!