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Name: Michael Farace III
Comments: I'm trying to get in touch with Mr. Tom Kirkpatrick he posted a note on your webpage looking for my father . Can you help me? Thanks, Mike Farace

Name: Ray Gallentine
Comments: I don't have e-mail, but I would love to talk to anyone who served with me during the decommissioning in 1946. My telephone # 319 694-2606. I am also trying to find John Claxton who served with me on the Seiverling, and lived at one time in Mattoon, IL.

Name: Kenneth Wilson
Comments: Great website you have here.I enjoyed my visit and shall return again.Also I was an ET3 in the navy.

Name: jeffrey hollifield
Comments: My father served with you on the de441.From 1953-1957.His name was Eugene.He was a gunner.Love your site.Its helped me alot.Thank You.

Name: Matthew Loughney
Comments: My Grandfather is Eugene "Lock" Loughney. He is deceased. I am looking for information and pictures about the ship.


Name: LuAnn Chitwood Burgmuller
Comments: Hello I have enjoyed reading the postings on this website and appreciate the DE-441 pages. My father served on board the ship in WW-II. I would be glad to share pictures of the ship and crew with anyone interested. Please contact me at the above email and I will forward pictures to you. I hope the reunion is a great success

Name: Jim Harris
Comments: Joe, I served with you & Ken Potyn 1951 to 1953.Great web site. I did'nt know the reunions happened. I'd like to hear from you. Jim

Name: John Huston
Comments: If you do have some pics from the WWII crew I would love to see them. You could e-mail them to me or send them to me by mail at 780 Leetonia Circle, Marion, Ohio 43302, I thank you for your time

Name: Tom Kirkpatrick
Comments: I am searching for Michael Farace who was stationed at Forbes Air Force Base in 1964 to 1966. His wife's name was Flo and they had twin girls. Just trying to locate an old buddy.

Name: T.Paul Benya
Comments: My Father John Paul Benya JR. served on the first crew of the DE 441 in WWII

Name: T.Paul Benya
Comments: My Father served on the first crew of the DE 441, his name was John Paul Benya Jr.

Name: T.Paul Benya
Comments: Hi Joe My father served on the first crew of the DE 441, his name was John Paul Benya Jr. He died in 1970, I do have an old picture of the Seiverling that was taken in Ulithi during WWII. It was saved from a house fire we had in the early 60's but it does have some water damage. The DE 441 has been a sort of hobby of mine for many years,mostly the WWII years. Keep up the good work.

Comments: looking for michael farace from gerritsen beach , brooklyn new york. good friend for fifty years he's some where in titusville florida. please e- mail me mike bob

Name: anthony gerry
Comments: looking to see where my nam come from

Name: Joseph F. Nolan, Jr.
Comments: Joe, My father Joe Sr. served on the DE-441 in WW-II I think with the first crew but not sure could use help to find out and if possible I would like to get a picture of the ship my dad passed on in 1991 and my sister thinks the wall picture got destroyed in storage Thank You Joe Jr.

Name: Matt Loughney

Name: John Huston
Comments: My Grandfather was on the DE-441 during the WWII, i was wondering if you had any pics, i have a few that we can scan and mail

Name: Robert T. Andrews
Comments: As a young "brash" Engineer from the good old days at NADC, thanks for the leadership and advice. As you now know I'm back down South in "LA" Lower Alabama retracing my youthful steps. Good luck to you and the Family.

Name: Oliver Farace
Comments: Hi Joe, I come from Germany. i had searched for other people with the same name, so i found your site. best greets toou and your family.

Name: Melvin R. Hayes
Comments: My father was on the Seiverling during WW II, he was a CMM, he is now 87 years old, and living in Los Lunas, NM. He is a retired Jewle. I am writting for him as he is almost blind, but has great memories of the Seiverling. He wnt in the Navy 12/9/39, and left on 12/12/45. He also served on the Oklalhoma, Fulton, SC 746, SM Repair unit, Task force 72, USS Wilson. Thank you and good luck. Kim C. Hayes, son

Name: Matthew Vito Lucania
Comments: Hey Joe Lucania, do we have something in common, Take care my friend.

Name: Salvatore Farace
Comments: hi, one you your guest, BOB FARACE, wrote that his grandfather came to USA from Minori, near Amalfi, italy, that is exactly the place where i live with my family do you think he is a relative of mine, if so I would be pleased to contact him, thanks from a Farace

Name: Liz Giddens
Comments: Hi Grandpop We are finally back on the web. I wanted to pop on and say hi. I am starting to get a bit home sick and looking at you site always makes me feel better. Love ya a bunch. Liz XOXO

Name: bert waller
Comments: Great looking site! There's more than I can encompass in a quick look. I will have to come back when I can graze more leisurely. Regards, bert

Name: Rebecca Miles
Comments: I am not a Faraci, but I dated one! I was hoping to find him and catch up. Do you know a Richard Faraci who lived in Reno, Nevada in the 1960's. He was from Long Island, NY.

Name: julie
Comments: hey its julie again... are you my long lost brother???

Name: kelly and julie
Comments: hey there!! it's kelly and julie your long lost relatives!! i guess @ least, never heard of ya but oh well we have the same last name! nice talking to ya fam!

Name: Charles Taliaferro
Comments: You can retire your tattered, worn out and frayed American flags without cost to you. Send your flags to the Kitchen Table Gang Trust, 42922 Avenue 12, Madera, CA 93638-8866 and we will dispose of your flags in a proper and dignified manner with full honors pursuant to the United States Code. Please, don’t throw your old flags in the trash, send them to us! Thanks, Charles Taliaferro THE KITCHEN TABLE GANG TRUST

Name: Bethany Farace

Name: Cousin Carol
Comments: I found you again..Linda again, has done an outstanding Job on your WePages. It really looks great and a lot to see.. Love ya, Carol Visit my pages. I have some work to do too..

Name: Bill Martin
Comments: Joe, I joined the Seiverling at Yokasuka, Japan and stayed with it through decomissioning in San Diego, July 1946. Was a Machinist 3rd Class in the Engine Room. My bunk mate below was a fellow by the name of Petak. Don't remember a whole lot more. Thanks for the memories!

Name: Josh Farace
Comments: Hey, Just adding another name to the list in the guestbook. I'm originally from the Baltimore, MD area - now living in PA. Great site - will be back again!!!

Name: Jonathan Farace
Comments: Hey, I was just searching the web and I typed my last name and I found this site I dont know if you pronounce your last name like I do but this is how i pronounce it farachee well any way your the 1st person i have seen with my last name other than my family.

Name: Doug Bonforte
Comments: Wonderful site, Joe. My dad was Gene Bonforte, Gunner's Mate on the Seiverling. Appreciate your fine efforts to capture a great piece of our Nation's history. Thanks to you and all the guys who served. Your efforts are still appreciated today.

Name: joe farace
Comments: My family was from Baltimore my father and grandfather were both Joe Farace. I'm the III. currently in LA

Name: Joe Farace
Comments: It's a rare name. people have been mis pronouncing it my whole life.

Name: Joe Lucania
Comments: Looks like Matthew Lucania and I are related since my grandfather's, father's, brother was his great-granddad. We I am the Lucania Lucanio what is was family of Chicago, while the rest stayed in NY or NJ.

Name: Donald Timony
Comments: Just happend to come across this web site.I am the adopted son of Charles Timony.I still talk with Tom Timony through email and noticed Dennis and Judy timony and would like to say hi.I remember an outing with the Faraces.A barbque at a lake,i remember rowing one of Joes daughters around the lake.Rose, i believe is her name.I do remember the Farace family and just thought id say hi ta all. Don Timony

Name: Frank Faraci
Comments: Great web-site.Our families last name ends in i. We were still the largest siclian family in Middletown, Ct. My father was one of 17 children same mother and father My grandparents were from sicily.We all moved to different towns but still in Ct.

Comments: SERVED 4-51 10-54

Name: William Todd Jordam Jr.
Comments: Hi Joe, Good Site. I was one who was there to the end. 1955-1957 RD Keep up the good work. Todd

Name: Bob Farace
Comments: Hi from yet another branch of Faraces. My grandfather came to the US at age ten from Minori, Italy, near Amalfi, just before WWI began, and settled in New Haven, Connecticut.

Name: rv
Comments: Greetings, just surfed in thru american yahoo search engines. Interest want to say hello while checking American-Italian web sites. Welcome to visit us at -Ciao!

Name: Bethany Farace
Comments: Looking for a Peter William Farace Jr. Born to Peter William Farace. Has a sister named Bryn. Born and believed to be in New York. Any information please email me. Thanks

Name: Laurel Potyen
Comments: My father was Ken Potyen. He passed away June 5, 1991. He never talked very much about his Korean War experience. Any memories you could share would be greatly appreciated.

Name: Tom McCormick
Comments: Hi, My father William Bill McCormick was on the USS DE441 throughout WWII. Dad is doing well and is still living in Cleveland Ohio. Thanks, Tom McCormick

Name: Jeanne Farace Cortina
Comments: Daughter of Raymond Nicholas, granddaughter of Nicholas, South Philly, PA. Have uncles/cousins named Joe Farace.

Name: Lonnie McCormick
Comments: ship mate

Name: Anthony Farace
Comments: Hi Joe, We are from Chicago,one of my sons name is Joe. I think our original name was D'Faraci and then Faraci--I beleive my grand father put the "e" at the end instead of "I" and we are from Sicily. Does the name ring a bell? I am 65 years old,have a great day.

Name: marc
Comments: what is this site? TO MATHEW LUCANIA: OK, I MISUNDERSTOOD YOU, MY BAD.

Name: Anna Kelly
Comments: Just checking in to see if any of the pictures from the reunion have been posted

Name: Matthew Lucania
Comments: Who said i was the relation of lucky. any way unless you were a spy in his underwear how could you really know what he got up to. and name calling is not nice....

Name: Jack Hughes
Comments: Great to get back in touch with you Joe. Hope to see you this December.

Name: Kyle John Farace
Comments: Hey Joe, my father's name is John Michael Farace Jr. and my grandfather's name is John michael Farace Sr., my grandfather's brother's name was Joe Farace, just wondering if we are related somehow. My Family now live in California but my father and grandfather came from rochester, NY. Well email me if you get a chance.

Name: Kyle David Farace
Comments: Wow im 12 it my bithday today yes my grandfather was Sam Farace and i know for a fact i am italion i wonder if he is the same sam in one of the previous post i live in baton rouge LA its wierd i accidentally searched for this page! My dads name is Ronnie Michal spelling? Farace!

Name: Sheldon Silver
Comments: Hi there we talk at the boat slip on sunday

Name: Vito Lucania

Name: Matthew Vito Lucania
Comments: Came back from Palermo. I visited my Family and had a great time. not to many wise guys around witch was good, visited Corleone and Lercara Friddi

Comments: GOOD WORK

Name: Paul Farace
Comments: Wow, i had no idea there were this many Farace's. I thought my family alone was huge. Well hi everyone, I feel like part of a big group now. I am from Jax, Florida.

Name: Mary Dolan
Comments: Hi Joe...this is your soon to be x-neighbor. We'll miss you and your family.

Name: Matthew Vito Lucania
Comments: from one freind to another. My great grandfather was born in sicily "salvatore "lucky" Lucania luciano I've never known my real family after living in the UK for 24 years. I'm Going back to Palermo on the 7th June. any one want to say hi can pop by the hotel tonic we can have a drink.

Name: Liz
Comments: Hi Grandpop, I just read all of the comments in the guest book to Aiden. We are impressed with how many people are looking at your site. I think it is great that so many other people have the Farace name. I was unaware that it was such a popular last name. Well, I just wanted to say hi. Love, Liz & Aiden

Name: Mary Kay Kelly
Comments: Hi to Joe. My ex-husband Richard Dick Kelly, served on the USS Sieverling in the mid 50's, and I have a couple pictures of him on deck. In case Joe knew & remembers Dick, please let me know. He was a great family man & died of a massive coronary 5 days after his 66th birthday in 1999. This is a great web page & I intend to read it on a weekly basis. My blessings to all that served and are now serving in our military. Mary Kay Kelly

Name: Linda
Comments: **** To Ashley Farace ****
My Dad did not get your email address. If you see this message, please send him an email at

Name: Ashley Farace
Comments: Hi Joe! I was very interested in your site since my last name is also Farace and my dad, grandfather, and great grandfathers names are all Joe Farace. Maybe we are related? Your website is great!

Name: marie Vandegrift
Comments: miss u

Name: Salvatore Farace
Comments: Joe, Great family name!!

Name: john farace
Comments: 401 garabaldi ave., Roseto, pa. 18013 joe, are you related to me?

Name: Amanda Farace
Comments: Great web site!

Name: Earl H. Gillette
Comments: Joe..Have been hearing about your website for quite a while..Finally got myself a computer..tabbed through the guestbook..It almost sounded like an "O" Division muster....I'll be back again soon..Great site....E.H. Gillette

Name: Ferris Cromwell QM3
Comments: I served on the Seiverling from 4/1956 through de-comissioning. Crossed the Equator on this ship on a cruise in 1957.Honorable discharge 3/1958.

Name: john farace
Comments: 401 garibaldi ave roseto, pa. 18013 . joe are you related to me?

Name: Felipe Farace Torres
Comments: Fala Joe muleke... de qual pais vc é ... gostaria de saber... O senhor mandou muito bem na pagina... Valeu e até mais ...

Name: Mary Edrington Johnson
Comments: Hey, Joe. My daddy was "Mick" Edrington, he was on the Seiverling in WWII. Me and Jasper are good friends. You have a very nice family and website.

Name: Beth Mills Farace
Comments: Joe..Maybe you can help me. I am trying to trace the farace family for my dad for christmas. My grandfather was salvatore vincent farace. The family was in Sicily. recently the island of Capri had a lot of Farace my father just got back from vacation there I don't know where to start. can you make any suggestions? My grandfather was 2 when he came to this country and passed away in 1998. my grandmother who is 95 can't seem to remember many details to help me. any suggestions? thank you so much for your time and consideration. best regards, beth mills fomerly farace

Name: Heather Marie Vandegrift/Rosario
Comments: Hi Joe. I don't think you know me, but I'm Dolly's daughter. I wish I knew more about my family. I know very little actually. I got this site off of my mom and I just had to visit it. I was very young when I knew of Marie. I don't know her too well either but I am sorry for the passing of Marie. I will talk to you soon and thank you for the site. Please write to me, I would love to get to know you better and thank you for the stories...they are a start..

Name: Dolly Boepple Vandegrift
Comments: I finally found time to look at your web site. It is terrific. The pictures were wonderful, and I was able to print out some. Thank you for calling us, I can't tell you how much it means to me to be able to reach my relatives again. It's been too long. Tell Delores I,m sorry Aunt Marie passed on. I wish I had known at the time, I would have been there. Your stories are too much. Love to all. Dolly

Name: Paul Farace
Comments: Hey Joe! My grandfather, Sam Farace, came from Sicily Licata? ... moved to Cleveland and had a family truckin business. I looked on the web for other Faraces and saw your well-done web site. You are a DE veteran. I have a good friend, Tim Rizzuto, who is restoring the DE Slater in Albany. No doubt you have heard of it! Are you a member of DESA? I work on the USS COD, a WWII submarine. Our web site is  Tell me what you think of it! Ciao! Paul Farace age 44

Name: Cuz Florence and jack
Comments: Joe, I enjoyed reading all the comments again. It really brings tears to my eyes to read all the names I know and the beautiful comments to you. I sure do miss being able to visit and hear you play the organ! May God's choicest blessings be with you and Delores Love & Hugs "Flo"

Name: B. Conte
Comments: Hi Joe. I was surfing the internet looking for some information when your website name caught my attention. I used to have a good friend with the same name as you "Joe" Giuseppe Farace . He was the best man at my wedding in '84. We are from Toronto,Ontario in Canada . I know a few families with the Farace last name in this area. They all immigrated to Toronto in the '50s and '60s from a town called Roseto in the province of Foggia in Italy. I don't know where your ancestors are from or if you are related to any of these families. I browsed your photobook and would like to compliment you on a great family that you have. I seems very obvious that they all love you and you love them. Your website is a great idea. Keep up the good work. "Saluti" from Toronto

Name: Francoise Farace
Comments: Hello from Paris France , maybe am I a cousin from France. As you are an american cousin of Italian Faraces. My family came to south of France at the end of 18th century in Manosque . Do you know if there are a lot of other people called Farace in the world? And in USA? When did your family came to France? Hope to read from you. Best regards, Francoise

Name: Lue Ann Shover
Comments: Joe: I goofed and put the email addr of my father-in-law here. Can you delete it from the Internet. Lue

Name: elwood diamond tm3c first crew
Comments: hi joe it sure is good to relive old memeroies joe it sure would be nice if we could get photos of the shipmates

Name: John D. Peters
Comments: 50 years is a long time. Wish we could see each other more often.

Name: DK1 Jack Smith, Ret.
Comments: Hi Joe - Seiverling was my first ship after boot camp and school. I reported aboard in March 1957 and stayed through decommissioning in Sept. 1957. I enjoyed my short tour aboard. I learned alot. Visit my website @ Take Care.

Name: Bud Konemann
Comments: Great website.See you in Seattle Bud

Name: John Friedrich
Comments: I sure do thank you for the web site. Was realy nice to read all the history of the ship.Keep up the good work.

Name: Kathleen Hermanns Macechak
Comments: Hi there Mr. Farace. I am Henry Hermanns' daughter and have been to about three of the reunions with my mom, Rosalie, and my sister jennie. Her husband and son, Keenan, also made the Biloxi one with us. I'm sure you remember my wonderful dad, a member of your organization, who passed away 21 June 1997. We miss him so much and I'm glad mom and i have made some the reunions since then. We will be unable to see you all in Seattle, but will definitely try for 2002 in Texas. I got your website from the Gust of Wind and really enjoyed checking in to see it. The picture of the Memorial aboard the USS-Doyle really struck me because that was the one right after dad passed away and my mom was one of the people to throw over the wreath for the Korean War vets. It was a very special moment for us. Take care and thanks for the great site. I'll tell my mom to check in once her computer is back up and running. Sincerely, Kathleen

Name: james coote
Comments: u r s lovely it is untrue

Name: Dominick Farace
Comments: My Grand Father Was Anthony Farace from a small town in Sicily or Italy. I never was quite sure about that one. The story goes that our name was changed from Faraci to Farace when he was processed thru Elis Island. He settled in Chicago. He died at a very early age and us grand children never did get to know that generation of Faraces. I do know My grandfather had three sons and a daughter. Alfred my father Frank, Anthony, and Rose. Relation? WHo knows. Just thought I would stop in and say hello. Italian names are usually territorial and we just all might be related. Nice web site.

Name: Steve Sanelli
Comments: Joe, It was great seeing you at Al's party. You never seem to change and that is a good thing! Steve

Name: GL "harry Harrington
Comments: Joe, I don't think we knew each other that well, but continue on with the good life. My very best freinds were Ben Willis,Gary Peirce,Pappy Phillips and red Imler. Good people

Name: Joe Cardoza
Comments: Hi I served in the navy from1951 to 1954 on the USS Small 838 and then the USS Sieverling De441. Married for 39 years. Two Children Dennis and David and 2 beautiful grandchildren. I live in Los Banos, Ca.

Name: Jim Condon SR
Comments: Back again Joe. What a pass time. Work for Pinkerton as security guard at Bristol Myers in Wallingford,Ct Main Gate..its dull after 7pm and so nice to be able to read this great page on our 6mo in Ariz and 6 mo in CT. My wife is Italian and the accordian and guitar and piano are also loud and clear in get togethers like your family..its great..stay that way..All the best, Jim

Name: Jim May
Comments: Joe Thanks to Jaspers recent news letter picked up your web site..Really enjoyed the commomtary.Your kids did a great job. Looking forward to seeing you in Seattle if I can stay on the right side of the grass..Jim

Name: Jim Condon
Comments: Hi Joe...great web page..didnot finish it it from DESA Paper..on 441 from 50 to 52..Great ship and good crew. Will be back..Jim


Name: Howard Butler
Comments: Nice page, well done, stop bye and say hi, do you still fish? Howard

Name: Liz
Comments: Hi Grandpop! I was just goofing off and decided to see if there were any changes on your page. I'm glad to see how many friends you have. There are a bunch of entries on the guest book. Well I'll be up to visit soon. Love Ya. Give grandmom a kiss for me. Liz

Name: Hello  My name Is Brian Timony.  
Comments: I am Judy & Dennis Timony's youngest son. I have a older brother Kevin and a younger sister Janeen.  I really enjoy your Web-site I'm going to school right now for web design. Well I guess I'll see you at the next family reunion. 

Name: Ron Whitsel
Comments: Hope you're staying off the sandbars! Drop a line when you get a chance.

Name: Glossi C.
Comments: Greetings from RF Products. I've just been upgraded to having net access I'm coming up in the world. When I finally get a computer at home, I'll send my E-Mail address. Miss you & love the web site. Glossi

Name: Brandon
Comments: Do you know a James Farace from Iowa/California? Great site! Nice clear pics

Comments: SERVED ABOARD THE DE440. HOW ABOUT THAT! 5/2/44-4/9/46 SOM2/C

Name: Joe Cardoza
Comments: Living in Los Banos, Ca am married , 2 sons and 1 grandaughter 2 1/2 yrs old Would enjoy heariang from you. On the William Silerling from1952 to 1954.

Name: Jack
Comments: Just takin a look...very nice! Your sure have been a great neighbor to us, Thanks!!!

Name: Charles Hicks
Comments: Enjoyed your web site. I served on DE-441 in 1955.

Name: James Fortunato
Comments: Joe this is your cousin Jim I think it is nice that you have made this website telling about your family.

Name: Mary Dolan
Comments: Your website is great. I enjoyed visiting with your family. Johnny said, "that looks like Mr. Farace". Your neighbor signing off.

Name: Matt, MaryAnn, Brittany, Jackie & Jared Hood
Comments: I got to you via Craig's new web site. Very cool everyone! FYI - I'll be in San Antonio June 13-16 for business. I'm going to go to Arkansas to visit Mom & Dad on the way back it's Father's Day on the 18th. Keep up the good work!

Name: Craig, Susan & Kyle Hood
Comments: We enjoyed looking at your family album. Linda and Mike are visiting with us this weekend in Houston . Keep sending Linda pics!

Name: Ruth Lunga, Kenilworth/Brick
Comments: This is Ann Stickley's sister... remember? We met in Sacramento and Biloxi, too. Hope to see you in October. Say hello to your wife. See you then. Ruth

Name: Ann Stickley from Edison, NJ
Comments: Hi Joe: Saw your web page address in the Gust of Wind. I'm down at my daughter's using her computer. Hope to see you in October. My sister will be coming also. You remember Ruth. Take care of yourself. Say hello to your wife for me.

Name: Ann Stickley from Edison
Comments: Hi Joe: Found your web page address in the Gust of Wind. I'm at my daughter's in West Deptford and just wanted to say hello. Hope to see you in October.

Name: Bob & Roseann Hunsinger
Comments: Just saw your web address in the newsletter.How are you doing,joe? It was good to see you and the rest of our shipmatto see you and the rest of our shipmates at the reunion in Sacramento. Your web page is great.I m going to the DE page now.I can t believe it will be 50 yrs. this December that I went aboard for the first time. Good luck,Joe. I ll be visiting again. Bob Hunsinger Rm3

Name: Sam Higbee "Doc"
Comments: Gust of Wind arrived today 04/29/00. I enjoyed your web sight. Ruth and I are planning to attend DE441 reunion at Niagara Falls. Hope to see ya there. Cruised on the "Silly Willy" just after The Korean War. Having been detached from fleet marine force where I served with Charlie Company 1st Batallion 5th Marine Regiment. My tour of duty on The 441 was my first sea experience as a Hospital Corpsman. Left Yokosuka Japan for San Francisco only to encounter typhoons enroute. This experience left me with many sea stories. Best Wishes Sam "Doc" Higbee Joe, it was a pleasure to sign your guest book.

Name: Bob and Colleen Pelo
Comments: I love the pics makes me remember back when. Hope all is well with you.

Name: Joe Farace to Dave Farace
Comments: David I did not get your E-Mail address. Please try again.

Name: David Farace
Comments: Wow what a surprise. I was just goofing around trying to find cool sites to visit and I landed on your s. If you haven t figured it out yet I have the same last name as you, I wonder if we are related. My dads name is Peter and and we all live in Florida. Maybe my sister has more information on you, she s the one who has been doing research on the family. Please e-mail me back. Thanks, David.

Name: Gerry Taggart
Comments: hi joe and dolores greetings from sunny florida

Name: Eleanor Cini
Comments: Hi everybody Happy Holidays. I'm visiting Theresa and Anthony in MA, and they showed me your web site. GREAT Great That's all I can say Love YOU and Happy New Year. It s 7:30pm on New Years eve, too bad your can't join our Millennium Party, we are getting our PJ's on and getting ready for bed We are going to set the alarm for quarter of twelve See you next year Love Cousin El.

Name: Florence and Jack Harmer
Comments: What a beautiful tribute, Joe you are well worthy of it all I certainly can see the resemblance of your kind nature and thoughtful ways-like father like son. I love you as I loved your father & MOM Many more wonderful birthdays

Name: Dennis & Judy Timony
Comments: Happy belated 69th Birthday Linda put together a very nice site which brought back many cherished memories. The thing that comes to mind when thinking about uncle Joe I think Joey will back me up is that he always tried to get everyone he spoke to to learn electronics for a profession. I don't agree with Tom regarding the "Home Movies" as a matter of fact my son Brian really liked watching them. I hope you had a great birthday, take care. Dennis

Name: Rosemary Hoffman
Comments: Cousin Joe, Belated happy birthday We finally found your site and it is wonderful. Linda, what a beautiful job. I've really enjoyed the past half hour. But then we always enjoy our visits with the Faraces. When I was in high school, Cousin Joe spent hours trying to explain algebra and trig to me. I used to shake my head. Something must have gone in though ---my kids do ok with it. Joe, hope you've had a wonderful day. I think of you and smile. Love you. Rosemary

Name: Liz
Comments: Today is your actual birthday, so I figured that I would wish you a happy birthday again grandpop. I love you. Happy Birthday XOXOXOXOX

Name: Ray Farace
Comments: Found you and beautiful comments, you must be proud. Keep it up and you will catch up to me. Did I say catch? Like tuna?? Well pretty good with Blues and fluke anyway cuz. Best to you and yours.

Name: Tureke
Comments: Happy Bithday Cuz Nice Web Site Congradulations

Name: Craig, Susan & Kyle Hood
Comments: Happy Birthday Joe

Name: Todd Santiago
Comments: Hi ...I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday Todd

Name: Barbara Neil
Comments: Hi Dad Farace I found one of your business cards in Joe s pants when I was doing his wash and just had to check out your website. What a wonderful tribute to you from your daughter Well, I too would like to wish you a Happy 69th Birthday in December and would like to thank you for producing a son who has brought so much excitement into my life See you soon Barbara

Name: Richard Vance
Comments: Just saying hello and did you have a good trip home.

Name: Liz
Comments: Grandpop, When I was a little girl you always found the time to play with me and take me fishing. Now I am all grown up and you still find the time to do things with me and take me fishing. I know that you have always been there for me. When I started college at Rutgers you and Grandmom didn't hesitate to invite me to stay with you, and I loved living with you. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for everything that you have done for me, and to let you know that you are one of the best friends anyone could have. You are also the best grandfather anyone could possible ask for. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPOP I love You. Love, Your Fishing Buddy P.S. When are you going to put the boat back in?

Name: Paul
Comments: Pop-Pop...I typed this myself. I Love You Happy Birthday

Name: Rosie
Comments: Daddy... For your 69th Birthday, I wish you happiness that could equally match the amount of Love I feel for you in my heart

Name: Tony The best looking son-in-law
Comments: 10 years into your IRA and there s still travelling money to spare Not bad. I hope Rose allows me the same pleasure

Name: TJ
Comments: Happy Birthday

Name: Michael Hood, Jr.
Comments: Happy birthday grandpop. I hope the reunion goes well.

Name: Karl Hood
Comments: Happy Birthday Grandpop

Name: Mary Jo Morris
Comments: Mr. Farace, you do not know me, although I feel that I know you. I have worked with your very special daughter, Linda, for ten years. She is very proud of you and lets everyone know very often what a wonderful father you are.

Name: Michael Hood
Comments: Joe, I hope you enjoy your ships reunion. I m sorry we can't get away to join you.

Name: Jean & Jerry
Comments: Hi Joe. Man oh man what a great gift the children gave you. Hope to see you and Dolores in Hawaii in Feb. God Bless

Name: Tom Timony
Comments: I was 9 or 10. I walked passed the one foot hedges that lead a path to my Aunt and Uncle's front door at the North Coles Aveune Farace Compound. There inside Uncle Joe was banging away at the organ keys and Aunt Dolores was whipping up some tasty treats in the kitchen yummie . After enduring an hour of Polka Music and other little musicial ditties, I was forced to watch the dreaded 8mm Home Movies not the 8mm you are thinking about in your camcorders, NO these were non-digital films, if you can believe that the films were on reels and each one would be like 5 minutes and there was like 10,000 of them. I went home that night and said to myself "God I hope I don't have to go through that again." Well needless to say there were and still are always new Tunes being played and more rolls of film on my next visits, and more anguish in my ten year old mind. But... 35 years later my memory of those times are not loathsome, but cherished I love you guys TT

Name: Carol
Comments: HI Joe, This is your first cuz's daughter. We share many computer stories and it is always a lot of fun. Love ya, Carol

Name: Tina O Gorman
Comments: Daddy, I can't wait to see you and Mom at your ship's reunion in Biloxi. I m looking forward to meeting your ole' buddies and hearing the stories about your "wild youth". Love you always, Tina

Name: Linda
Comments: Dad, I hope you enjoy this web site as much as I have enjoyed creating it for you. Love, Linda