Dolores' Photo Album

Granny's 90th Birthday

Taken March 1997 at Dolores mom's 90th Birthday Party
Left to Right: Eleanor & Charlie Breischaft, Marie Breischaft (the B-day Girl)
and  Dolores & Joe Farace


Marie Breischaft

Grandpop Brieschaft and Dog

Karl Breischaft (taken in 1940).  He had just purchased the land in the picture. 
This would be the location of the house he built for his wife Marie and their children.

Dolores & Charlie

Dolores and her brother Charlie as children.

Eleanor Brieschaft

Charlie's wife Eleanor (March 1997)

Charles Breischaft

Charlie Breischaft (March 1997)

Dolores Breischaft and Joseph N. Farace

Dolores & Joseph Farace (April 2000)


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