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These days, Dad sings with the choir at Our Lady Of Perpetual Help (OLPH).  But long ago, when he had a trail of children following him to church on Sundays, Dad had to sing with the congregation.  Now, anyone who knows my Dad also knows he has a voice that carries and he really loves to sing in church... we'll just say he's not the least bit shy about it!
So, here we are in the middle of the Christmas season.  Imagine if you will, the church halls decked with boughs of holly, poinsettia plants all around, the advent candles burning brightly... spirits are high and the mood is set for a reverent holiday service.
Linda, Rosie, and I are with Dad and we all start singing a very noble tune.  Imagine our surprise when at the top of his voice Dad sings out:  " We Three Queens Of Orient Are..."  Needless to say, everyone around us took a look to see who blurted that out!  Dad just kept on singing.  We razzed him about it for a very long time but the truth is we felt a little special that Dad was thinking about us while he was singing!!   -Tina

Three of Dad's Queens

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