Joe's Photo Album

Joseph N. Farace, III is the second born to Joe & Dolores.


This is Joe on December 23rd 2003


Aries is Joe's 2nd Grandchild.  He was born April 5th 2004.

Aiden made Joe's son Joe a Grandpop 


Granny & AidenGranny & Aiden
Granny... well at 94 she became Great Great Granny


The happy family (Liz & Steve with Aiden)

Joey, Dee, Aiden, Joe & Liz (December 26, 2001)
Three generations ... Joe, his kids and his grandson


Joe & Barb
Joe & Barb (April 2000)


Joe's children
Liz, Joey & Dee


Joe having fun
Joe loves to play and so does Barb!

Liz & Rose Joey


Liz & Aunt Rose

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