USS William Seiverling

The 38th Ship's Reunion

October 2-6, 2002

San Antonio, TX

Host: Jasper Love and Millie Smith

The highlight of the reunion was a trip on Friday to Fredericksburg, Texas to The Admiral Nimitz Museum.  A dedication and memorial service was given to honor Marine Private William F. Seiverling whom the DE-441 was named. Eight plaques have been mounted on the memorial wall and our deceased shipmates are also honored.

List of plaques:
Marine Private William F. Seiverling
(Ship's) U.S.S. William F. Seiverling DE-441
Tim McCuen
       (Navy-Nephew of William F. Seiverling)
Mate, William W. Stickley
Mate, Chess Laird
Mate, Henry Jasper Love, III
Mate, Howard T. Noe
Mate, Henry B. (Hank) Hermanns

Deceased Shipmates on record:
WWII   58
Korean War 145


Marine Private William Frank Seiverling, Jr. was born on 22 September 1920 at Elizabethtown, Pa.   He enlisted in the United States Marine Corps on 2 February 1942.  In the fall of 1942 he was on Guadalcanal helping to wrest control of that island from the Japanese.  Pvt. Seiverling was killed on 1 November 1942 during the enemy attack across Matanikau River on the island.  When the enemy attacked, Pvt. Seiverling ran down the hill in the face of enemy fire killing at least one sniper and perhaps several others.   Later, he covered the evacuation of wounded marines from his own platoon and after hearing that the 2nd Platoon was also in trouble, he ran between that unit and the enemy to cover his comrades withdrawal.   Once again he killed several Japanese before he himself was hit by enemy machine-gun fire.  Though wounded, Seiverling continued to deliver a withering fire into enemy position with his automatic rifle.  As he started back over the ridge to make his own retirement, he was fatally wounded. 

For unselfishly giving his life for his comrades and his country, Pvt. Seiverling was awarded Navy Cross, Purple Heart, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal and The Presidential Unit Citation.

Thanks to Helen McDonald, Assistant Museum Director and Marty Kaderli, Membership Secretary for their help in the past three years in our effort to finalize this dedication and memorial service.

At Saturday night's dinner and meeting the members who held past reunions were presented with a plaques.  These were as follows:
  Joel A Rigter for holding the 31st reunion (1995) at Charleston, S.C.
James Roy Hilsbeck & Walter E. Gillian, Jr. Co-Hosting for holding the 32nd reunion (1996) at Wright-Patterson AFB Dayton, OH
James R May for holding the 34th reunion (1998) at Sacramento, CA
Frank O. Williams & Stanley Wolfe Co-Hosting the 36th reunion (2000) at Niagara Falls, NY
Cindy Larson Associate Member & Tony Mola for hosting the 37th reunion (2001) at Seattle, WA
Associate Member Millie Smith & Jasper Love for hosting the 38th reunion (2002) at San Antonio, TX

The winner of the drawing for the 3-foot long DE-441 ship's model was Bill Allgood.
We had 5 winners in golf. (Only 5 played.)
The big winner of the 1/2X1/2 drawing was Jane Williams.
Tommy & Sharon Whitt received from Millie & Jasper a decorated photo album with a Navy Seal on front for being the first to sign for 2002 reunion. They signed 3-11-2002 for the October Reunion.
On behalf of the members we want to thank The Woodfield Suites for being such a great host in helping with our reunion.  "A job well done."
The attending members enjoyed the many things to see and do in San Antonio and the surrounding area. We were very proud to have so many of our mate's children attend this year.  Each year we have more and more of them join us.   As we all know, we will not have any more DE Sailors.  It is our hope that these family members will keep our reunions going long after we have passed on.


         This year we had 99 attendees
  41 Mates
  33 Wives
  3 Widows
  3 Associate Members
  4 Daughters Associate Members
  6 Sons and Daughters (Guests)
  3 Grand-children (Guests)
  6 Guests

Those who attended are as follows:

Allgood, Bill & Arlene OR
Armstrong, Winner & son Chris CA
Atkinson, Tom & Janet AR
Atkinson, Scott & Karen son of Tom TX
Atkinson, Brett & Lindley son & daughter TX
Ayotte, Col. Austin & Eleanor Gusts TX
Brant, Floyd & Joann PA
Brennan, James & Anna Mea OR
Carker, Velma Ruth Daughter Laird TX
Clark, Arthur & Jeanne OR
Denuel, Paul & Dori PA
Detwilder, Mary Ann Daughter of Denuel PA
Donovan, Gerry Daughter of Taggart NJ
Downey, Dave & Dorothy AZ
Ely, James & Jeriene MO
Ferguson, Alvin & Nancy AZ
Flower, Wickham & Gloria OH
Gillette, Earl & Eleanor CT
Gilliam, Jr. Walter & Joan OH
Gleaves, Duane & Jan OR
Green, Bob & Patricia AZ
Grun, William (Bill) PA
Harp, Charles & Sarah NV
Hermanns, Rosaile FL
Hislop, Leonard MN
Kiiskila, Paul & Anna IL
Koehler, Gary & Juanita WA
Koenmann, Clarence & Rose WI
Laird, Chess & Ruth TX
Larson, Cindy & son Alex WA
Love, Jasper MS
Lunga, Ruth NJ
Macechak, Kathleen Daughter of Hermanns NJ
Mack, Laurence (Larry) NJ
McCuen, Tim & Jo-Anne son Shan NJ
McIlvaine, Jane Daughter of Taggart NJ
Mellon, Linda Daughter of Denuel PA
Mola, Tony WA
Noe, Howard & Mary MS
Ott, Ray & Nancy OH
Reas, Raymond & Susie IN
Reas, Leann Daughter of Raymond IN
Reas, Ausdin son of Leann IN
Reyna, Mike & Darlene MO
Rigter, Joel & Joan SC
Rote, Dean & Phyllis IA
Shegina, Ernest & Phyllis MI
Shumaker, Mary Daughter of Hermanns ME
Smith, Mildred (Millie) MS
Sowder, Richard & Dot KY
Stephens, Wayne & Virginia FL
Stickley, Ann NJ
Suttelle, Daniel (Doc) FL
Taggert, Gerry FL
Wessler, Richard & Margaret KS
Whitt, Thomas & Sharon MS
Williams, Frank & Jane NY
Wolfe, Stanley & Rose NY
Zeigler, Jerry & Judy CA





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