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Many years ago when my husband of the past 21 years came over to the house to meet my parents I was very nervous that they would embarrass me.  My family as a whole is very short and well my husband, Michael, is 6' 5".  I was afraid that they might stare at him when they first met him.  I am sure you can picture the dumb founded mouth open expression I was picturing.  So just before Michael arrived, I told my parents that he was sort of tall.

Senior Prom - May 1977

Stares were not the problem... to my embarrassment my Dad, "JOE"  did much better.  He went out on the porch and as Michael reached the top step he apologized for being so short, he stated "he only had his slippers on" .  As if what... He normally wore platforms?  His shoes should be included in his height?  I wanted to die!    - Linda

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