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This "Dad" story is a tribute to Dad's uncanny ability to make himself at home...almost anywhere...under any circumstances. I think this is one of Dad's biggest attributes -- Rose.

This light hearted moment happened under otherwise dismal circumstances in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit where Paul was hospitalized. It has been a few days since Paul was admitted and he remains hooked to all kinds of tubes and wires. (This in and of itself just "totally" sparked Dad's engineer mind.)

Rosie & Paul

One of the things Paul is hooked to is a ventilator which is supplying Paul with oxygen and breathing for him. Dad by this time is starting to feel at ease with the nurses on the Unit. He's getting to know them and being his social self, he keeps offering them a "mint." These "mints" mind you are those blue hard candy mints that have been at the house for who knows how the sweltering heat...and the wrapper sticks to them.

Anyway, Dad literally offers these mints to everyone that goes by. As the days continue, Dad starts to follow the nursing routine. He's become very helpful and now recoils tubes and plugs without being asked... so that they will be organized properly. He watches carefully as the nurses adjust the ventilator and silence the "alarm" button. Finally, the ventilator alarms because Paul's not breathing properly and Dad reaches down.. silences the alarm and tells the nurse, "Don't worry I silenced it for you"....Later, in the report she gave the oncoming nurse, I heard her say, "Watch out for that little guy who gives out the mints... He "silences" the ventilator alarm"!!!   - Rosie

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