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I have a story about Grandpop that I would like to share.  It is my favorite Grandpop story. - Liz
When we were little kids grandpop would always take us fishing with him. One particular time it was just Grandpop, my Dad, Jeff, and me who went out. We had been "trolling for Blues" and had four hooked at once. Grandpop got all excited. He and my dad fought each one of them successfully to the boat. Later that day on our way back home Grandpop decided to show us where him and Uncle Ed got stuck the last time they went out. As he drove the boat over the sand bar he was showing us, we got stuck.
Jeff & Liz
Well Jeff and I thought that that was the funniest thing and started to pick on him about it. Grandpop threatened to throw us overboard if we didn't stop. We were close to shore so my Dad told Jeff and I to play on the marsh close by. We wound up waiting a few hours for high tide to come in, but that was one of my favorite memories of Grandpop from when I was little. To this day Jeff and I still laugh about it. We are just glad he didn't throw us overboard.

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